Contrastive Meta-Learning for Partially Observable Few-Shot Learning


Many contrastive and meta-learning approaches learn representations by identifying common features in multiple views. However, the formalism for these approaches generally assumes features to be shared across views to be captured coherently. We consider the problem of learning a unified representation from partial observations, where useful features may be present in only some of the views. We approach this through a probabilistic formalism enabling views to map to representations with different levels of uncertainty in different components; these views can then be integrated with one another through marginalisation over that uncertainty. Our approach, Partial Observation Experts Modelling (POEM), then enables us to meta-learn consistent representations from partial observations. We evaluate our approach on an adaptation of a comprehensive few-shot learning benchmark, Meta-Dataset, and demonstrate the benefits of POEM over other meta-learning methods at representation learning from partial observations. We further demonstrate the utility of POEM by meta-learning to represent an environment from partial views observed by an agent exploring the environment.

Published at International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) 2023
Adam Jelley
Adam Jelley
PhD Student in Deep Reinforcement Learning

PhD Student in efficient reinforcement learning.